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Junko: News

His Kids Radio picks up two of Junko's new tunes! - September 28, 2008

His Kids Radio, an internet kid-friendly radio network ( is adding two of Junko's newest songs to their regular rotation: "Special Forces Kids" and "Delight Yourself in the Lord"! Get online and request her songs to show them your support of Junko's Music.

A New Booking Agent for Junko: Behind the Voice Agency - September 16, 2008

Behind the Voice Agency, the concert booking arm of the premier Nashville artist management company, Michael Smith and Associates, has agreed to begin booking concerts for Junko, effective immediately. Michael Smith and Associates have been in the Contemporary Christian Music industry for over 30 years and manages artists such as the band Salvador, comedian Brad Stein, and kid/family entertainers Go Fish. Behind the Voice Agency is also the booking agent for Go Fish and a handful of other artists and speakers. Obviously, Junko is thrilled to be on their roster! "I hope that this will be a step towards expanding my exposure to the rest of the country, thus enabling me to minister to more kids and family and also to get more children sponsored through World Vision." For more information on Behind the Voice Agency, please check out If you would like to book a concert with Junko from now on, please email Jan Smith at or give her a call at (615) 599-9809 x1.

Junko to be the Featured Artist for September on SongDiscovery Community - August 22, 2008

Junko has been chosen to be the featured artist for the month of September by Worship Leader magazine's website for worship leaders, SongDiscovery Community ( It's free to join the site which is a "MySpace for worship leaders" so feel free to wonder over to the site!

Special Forces Kids CD now available on Apple iTunes! - August 22, 2008

Junko's newest CD is now available for downloads at Apple iTunes at this link:
Check it out!

Read CD Review by blogger Mark Roberts - August 22, 2008

Junko's former pastor, Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts, has posted a review of Junko's latest CD, "Special Forces Kids," on his blog. Mark says stuff like, "if you’re a parent looking for great Christian music for your children, you can’t do better than Junko’s recordings. And if you work with kids in church, you’ll find her CDs to be a rich resource. Junko’s target audience is children from 2-12, but her songs are loved by older kids and kids-at-heart as well."

Check out to read his glowing (and completely unbiased) review!

New CD now available on CD Baby! - July 17, 2008

Junko's newest CD, "Special Forces Kids," is now available for listening and purchasing at CD Baby. Please check it out at so you can get your very own copy!

New CD available soon at CD Baby... - July 9, 2008

In just a couple of weeks, you will be able to purchase Junko's newest CD, Special Forces Kids, from CD Baby. You will also be able to hear snippets of each song on this fun, new album for kids and grownups, including this summer's surprise hit song, "Sweet Ranunculas," which has had kids at Mt. Hermon, Orchard Valley Christian Church, and CMO conference humming all day.

Special Forces Kids CD will also be available on Apple iTunes in about 4 to 6 weeks. Please stay tuned for information on how you can get your hands and ears on Junko's latest release, but for now catch Junko at one of her live shows by going onto the Calendar page to check out her schedule. She just might be coming to a church near you soon!

New CD arrived! - June 20, 2008

Junko's latest CD project, "Special Forces Kids," landed at her doorstep this afternoon, Friday, June 20, just in time for her Northern California road trip which begins tomorrow. This is her first full new release in five years, and it is once again filled with Scripture-based, Christ-centered songs geared towards kids (and their parents) which Junko penned herself...except for the great hymn "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee" which was written by a composer who is much more famous than Junko: Ludwig van Beethoven.

"I'm so excited about this project. I hope that kids and grownups would all be blessed and uplifted by these fun songs, but I also pray that through these songs people of all ages can learn Scripture and truths about God."

More on the new CD will be coming soon, but for now Junko's off on her NorCal trip. Unless you catch her at one of her concerts, for now you won't be able to get your hands on this new CD. In a few weeks, we will make it available to everyone through CD Baby, and it will eventually also be available through Apple iTunes. Please stay tuned!

New CD project work begins! - May 14, 2008

Junko has gone back in the studio to work on her upcoming CD, another one for the kids. Once again working with award-winning producer John Andrew Schreiner at the helm, she is recording 12 songs of uplifting praise and worship for kids and grownups alike. If you've been around at Irvine Presbyterian Church, Saddleback Church, or at Mt. Hermon, all places where she leads worship, you might recognize some of the new tunes on this album...but with new and improved arrangements and production work. Junko's even including two familiar songs ("Brave Believers" and "Shine the Light"), this time sung in Japanese! Learn to sing in a foreign language or give this CD to your Japanese friends so they can hear the Gospel message in their own language.

Besides John Andrew Schreiner's outstanding arrangements, keyboards, and sequencing, you will also hear drums by Ron Robertson (from Saddleback's worship band), guitars by Randy Mitchell (Donna Summer) background vocals by Alva Copeland, Mike Saxon, and Emily Gomez (all featured vocalists at Saddleback), outstanding sax work by Junko's concert sidekick, Anthony Paular, and kids' choir featuring Junko's own kids Joshua and Megumi and their friends, Alex, Maddy, Emma, and Jenna. To top it all off, you will see outstanding CD graphic design by the same Anthony Paular mentioned above, featuring creative artwork by renowned cartoonist Van Partible (Creator of cartoon character Johnny Bravo)!

In short, expect everything you love about her Big & Small CD -- Christ-centered, Scripture-based music on high-rotation in your mini-van -- but even better for 2008! "Over the past 5 years, I've grown as a songwriter, as a vocalist, and as a Christian. I can't wait to share my growth and my renewed passion for God through this new album," says Junko.

This CD is scheduled to drop on June 19, 2008, making its debut at JEMS camp at Mt. Hermon Christian Conference Center. Stay tuned!

Junko gets a lot of ink in Worship Leader Magazine, Oct '07 - October 25, 2007

Three of Junko's songs, "Enjoy You Forever," "Rest in You Alone," and "How Deep is the Love of Christ" recently made it on Kids'Discovery CD which was sent to over 20,000 worship leader who subscribe to Worship Leader Magazine. Inside the magazine, Junko received favorable reviews for all of her songs, along with a mention of her desire to continually work on her craft in Dr. Mark Roberts' column on Page 10, "Lyrical Poetry: Play Skillfully." To read these reviews and to see an excerpt from Dr. Mark Roberts' column, click on the Press/Reviews button on this website or go to to read the digital edition of the October issue of Worship Leader magazine. (Remember, the CD review is the 2-page spread just inside the front cover page before the table of contents.) "After toiling for years in relative obscurity, it is nice to get some exposure through Worship Leader magazine and SongDiscovery CD! If this allows my music to minister to more children and grownups alike, then I'm thrilled," explains Junko.

Watch Junko sing at Saddleback online! - October 18, 2007

Junko will be one of the vocalists during the 9/11:15am services on Sunday, October 21, as well as the 4:30/6:30pm services on Saturday, October 27. We will be kicking off the 40 Days of Purpose starting the weekend of October 20 & 21, and we would love to have you attend one of the worship services at Saddleback! However, if you can't make it you can still catch the service -- including Junko singing with the worship band -- online via this link, live, during the actual worship times: Check it out!

Hawaii KZOO Radio Interview - September 24, 2007

Junko will be interviewed by a Japanese radio station KZOO Honolulu on Thursday, 9/28 between 1:30 - 2pm Hawaii time. If you want to tune in to AM1210 or online at at that time, you'll hear her talk story, sing some songs, and plug her Saturday concert at Kalihi Union Church.

Honolulu, Fall '07 - September 24, 2007

Junko and her family are back in Honolulu once again, and she hit the ground running! She shared a few songs and her testimony in Japanese at Kalihi Union Church Japanese fellowship on Sunday to a very appreciative crowd. Junko will be back at Kalihi Union on Saturday night for a family concert featuring Randy, Gay, and Andrew Hongo as the opening act, and the boys form KUC backing Junko up in the band. "I always enjoy being with the wonderful folks at KUC," says Junko. "I can't wait to spend an evening with everyone talking story and singing together!" If you're in town, come check out the concert at KUC at 7pm on Saturday 9/29!

Saddleback Women's Bible Study for moms - September 18, 2007

Junko will be leading worship at the Treasured women's Bible Study on Tuesday mornings starting this fall. This study is for moms of children ages 5 and under, a stage from which Junko has only recently emerged. "I'm excited to be a part of this group of ladies who are sharing this precious time of life together. I'm also excited to hear the wonderful speakers/teachers lined up for the fall session," says Junko. Teasured meets on Tuesdays from 9:30 to 11am at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest.

SongDiscovery Listening Panel - September 7, 2007

Junko recently was invited to be on the song listening panel for Worship Leader magazine's SongDiscovery CD. "When I got the call from Phil Sillas, my first reaction was, 'who am I to be judging other people's songwriting?' but when Phil offered free lunch, I couldn't refuse!" She sat alongside some accomplished songwriters and worship leaders including Pastor Mark Roberts and songwriter Rick Founds ("Lord I Lift Your Name on High") , helping evaluate songs submitted for the November/December release of SongDiscovery CD. Junko was honored and grateful to be amongst such an amazing group of people and hopes that she was able to contribute. "We listened to some great songs, had some heated discussions and enjoyed some good laughs as well," says Junko. "We hope you'll be pleased with our selection of the dozen or so songs in the next SongDiscovery CD."

Junko's songs to be included again in SongDiscovery CD - August 4, 2007

Once again this year, Worship Leader magazine is releasing a special CD called KidsDiscovery CD for their 20,000+ SongDiscovery subscribers. Keep your eyes and ears opened for three of Junko's songs -- "Enjoy You Forever" from the Big & Small CD and two brand new songs "Special Forces Kids" and "Rest in You Alone" -- on this 14-track CD from SongDiscovery dropping in October!

Special Forces Kids CD and downloads available for a limited time only - June 25, 2007

Just in time for summer 2007, Junko is doing a special limited-release CD for kids! Special Forces Kids CD contains 12 tracks with four brand new songs -- "Special Forces Kids," "Rest in You Alone," "Kingdom of the Son" (which was previously only available on Junko's DVD), and "How Deep is the Love of Christ" -- along with two favorites, "Brave Believers" and "Shine the Light" PLUS performance trax for all 6 of these songs. This CD is only available at Junko's live performances and for a limited duration, as her hope is that these new songs will be included in her next full-length kids' CD to be released hopefully in 2008.

Saddleback Church vocal worship team's newest member: Junko! - June 3, 2007

Junko recently auditioned for, and made, the vocal worship team at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA. Each weekend this church offers SIX services for over 20,000 people, and the worship led by the very energetic and capable Rick Muchow includes four teams of six singers who rotate from week to week. Junko is currently a backup for one of the teams. "I'm so thrilled to be accepted on this amazing team of some of the best singers in the nation! For now, I'm very content being the 'understudy' just learning the ropes at this huge ministry called Saddleback." At most, Junko will only be up on stage at the worship center about once a month, so keep checking her calendar for when she will be helping lead worship there, and come join the celebration!

Junko's songs featured on Worship Leader Magazine's SongDiscovery CD (Oct. 06)! - October 3, 2006

Two of Junko's songs, "Brave Believers" and "Shine the Light," were recently included in the SongDiscovery CD, a collection of songs that go out to over 20,000 churches each month to subscribing worship leaders and pastors around the globe. Many of the songs on this CD go on to become standards at worship services. The October issue was a feature on children's worship, and Junko hopes that these songs would bless many kids and will be sung by children all over the world in the days to come.

Download music on Apple iTunes! - October 3, 2006

Do you need Junko's music NOW? You don't have time to wait for the CD's to arrive in the mail? You can now download entire albums or single songs on Apple iTunes.

Junko's songs reach the semi-finals at GMA's Songwriting Contest at Estes Park, Colorado - August 3, 2006

Two of Junko's songs, "Enjoy You Forever" and "The Lord's Renown," made the cut to semi-finals during GMA's Seminar in the Rockies Song of 2006 Competition in the Praise & Worship category. All semi-finalists enjoyed getting critiqued live by a panel of Christian music industry professionals. Although her songs didn't make the top three to go on to the finals, Junko was pleased with the positive feedback and high marks the songs received as well as possible interests for her songwriting from some song publishers.

New worship CD "The Lord's Renown" released! - June 3, 2006

We hear it all the time: "I am buying the fun, upbeat album for my kids. Now I want something quiet for a grownup like me." Well, we finally have something for you! Junko has compiled her previously recorded hymns and original worship songs and added a brand new song, "The Lord's Renown," to come up with her "best of" CD for those of you searching for some music to help enhance your quiet moments of meditation.

Junko partners with CD Baby for product distribution - March 13, 2006

Next time you come to Junko's store to shop for her CD's and DVD, you'll notice a little change. We have partnered with CD Baby , an online music distributor based in Oregon, to get her music out to the world. From now on, CD Baby will handle your product orders and ship them directly from their Portland, Oregon office. Have your credit card ready and let's go shopping at Junko's store!

Big & Small DVD is now available! - January 3, 2006

Big & Small DVD is now available!
If you've been wanting to learn the hand motions to Junko's song from the Big & Small CD, now you can--in the comfort of your own home--because the long-awaited DVD is finally here! With the help of friends Kara and Nicole, Junko goes through 8 of your favorite kids' songs from the Big & Small CD plus 3 new bonus songs. Catch a snippet of some of her songs by clicking here. Please come visit Junko's store or to get a copy of the DVD to purchase!

G'day, mates--Junko interviewed on Christian radio based in Australia - October 3, 2005

DJ Eric Skattebo recently interviewed Junko via overseas phone call for his show on HCJB radio, "Asian Focus on International Friendship Program," based out of Melbourne, Australia, and reaching the airwaves of the Far East. You can catch Eric's show anywhere in the world, however, via the internet by visiting and clicking on "International Friendship Program."
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